About my painting - In search of beauty

I have described myself as an ‘Artist’ for as long as I can remember and I acknowledge that the compulsion to paint is a core element of my spiritual being. Art for me is more than what I do, it is a fundamental part of who I am.

The process of producing artworks is driven by a deeply rooted passion in me, a desire to engage with the natural world and reflect the beauty found therein via the medium of paint.

The quest for beauty can lead one to familiar places and also along pathways less trod where wondrous scenes may await. But beauty can be transient and attempt to evade capture, so the process of making works of art is seldom easy and is often demanding, both physically and emotionally.

During the painting process, there are several key elements which I endeavour to combine. The visual qualities of the chosen subject are fused with my emotional response to the same, whilst allowing the inherent nature of the paint a degree of freedom to influence the emerging work.

The finished work presents the viewer with the very essence of the subject, captured by using form and colour in an impressionistic style. The entire physical and emotional process from conception to completion thus lies encapsulated within the layers of paint.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings.
Michael Banham-Taylor BA (Hons) Fine Art


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