Michael was born in Cheshire in 1957. Already an award winning painter, he studied for two years at the Cheshire School of Art (Northwich) in the early 1970s, continuing his training at the Leeds Polytechnic School of Art, where he gained a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art. Michael undertook postgraduate studies at the University of Wales (Cardiff), resulting in the award of an Art Teacher’s Certificate in 1979.

Michael describes his style of painting as "impressionistic with varying degrees of abstraction".

"My approach to painting is to seek to produce a work which reflects my emotional link to the subject, evoking a strong sense of place, by the use of colour and form."

"I believe that during the painting process, it is vital that the paint be granted some freedom to behave according to its inherent nature. Thus paintings are allowed to develop in an unrestricted and organic manner."

"The process of painting is always an intensely emotional one and my aim is that the finished work should display a unity between the spirit of the subject and the action of the painting process."

Michael’s work has been sold widely via one-man exhibitions and group shows.


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